Our two half helmet models, the 700 EZ Rider and the 888 Bullet Cruiser, are the heart and soul of our BuiltLite helmet lineup. Cruiser riders want half helmets that are as small, light, and comfortable as possible. The challenge is creating a helmet that is all of those things, while still being strong enough to stand up to the rigors of riding. After years of design, research, and refinement, the 700 EZ Rider and the 888 are our solutions to the problem of combining strength and style.

The 888 Bullet Cruiser half helmet is infamous for its strength and comfort, and easily recognized anywhere, thanks to our iconic double bullet rivets around the shell. The 888 was designed for those who prefer the look of classic, deep-fitting helmets, but who want a modern level of comfort. The fiberglass versions of the 888 weigh just over two pounds, while the carbon fiber variant is lighter still—our small shell 888 clocks in at under two pounds. All models of the 888 feature an integrated VIVS VOSS integrated dropdown eyeshade, which can be installed or removed in a few seconds without the use of any tools. Lastly, all of our half helmets feature a durable metal micro ratchet quick release, and a removable and washable plush liner. The 888 is definitely the choice for anyone who wants a dose of old-school cool.

The 700 EZ Rider half helmet is our newest, smallest, and lightest helmet on the market. We took our ultra-strong shell design and cut it down as much as possible, striking the perfect balance between absolute strength and maintaining the ultra-low profile that cruiser riders are look for. The 700 EZ Rider is one of the lightest DOT-approved helmets anywhere: every single model weighs less than two pounds, with the lightest carbon fiber model coming in at under 1.5 pounds.

If you want a helmet that is so light and comfortable that you’ll forget its even there, then the 700 EZ Rider is the perfect choice. But comfort and looks aren’t the only reasons you should try our helmets.

While we have worked hard to create comfortable, attractive-looking helmets, our most important priority has always been safety. Helmet manufacturers are responsible for testing their helmets, and many cut-rate helmet markers have their products safety-tested overseas. In these testing facilities, there is little oversight and no way of assuring that testing parameters meet the specifications for DOT approval.

But for us, it’s important to know that the riders who wear Voss helmets are being protected by our products. That’s why the 888 Bullet Cruiser, 700 EZ Rider, and all of our other DOT-approved helmets are tested in a DOT test lab in California, with strict oversight and quality controls.

We strive to ensure your safety, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.