About us

Voss Motorcycle Helmets is a brand catering to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Born out of the Pacific North West, our line of motorcycle helmets and accessories has been developed with special care in design and detail.

While we supply a variety of products for the industry, over the years we have found our specialty to lie in our half helmets, travel luggage, raingear, and our specially designed grenade and six shooter locks. Our Built Lite series helmets in particular are notorious for their quality, comfort, lightweight, and fit. The 888 offers an ultra comfortable fit that features a convenient internal sun lens, available in a fiberglass or carbon fibre composite shell without compromising their safety on the road. The newest release in the BuiltLite series is our 501 Bobber. With an extra low profile and ultra comfortable fit, this helmet will satisfy any customer looking for extra coverage, and a little extra style, while cruising the streets.

Most other motorcycle helmets are manufactured using low-cost injection-molded ABS plastic (also called thermoplastic). While high-quality ABS helmets provide a great deal of safety, the physical properties of ABS means that a large quantity of plastic and foam have to be used, resulting in a heavy and uncomfortable helmet. These bulky helmets produce the “bobble-head” effect that many motorcycle riders dislike. Additionally, low-grade manufacturing processes can result in the contamination of the plastic during the molding process, resulting in structural weaknesses that are undetectable until the moment you need your helmet the most.

Due to the bulkiness of plastic, many manufacturers try to keep the size down by using thinner, stiffer liners inside the helmet. Unfortunately, this means that in a crash, more force is transferred to the head. Because the shells of our BuiltLite helmets are so thin—while maintaining the strength of much thicker plastic helmets—we have more room to work with, allowing us to use high quality liners that afford greater comfort and protection while maintaining a streamlined appearance that will look great on the road.