Voss up with Grace!

We have a lot of exciting projects cooking up at the Voss Headquarters this season! We'll be expanding our product line by releasing new helmets - "Uh-oh, super confidential. Leaked. Exclusive." We'll also be hosting Voss Rides to join and meet our beautiful friends on the road. Yes, you read that right! New stories to hear, new roads to take, and new memories to make with the freshest face in Voss Town: Grace. 

Voss: What's it like being the new girl in Voss town?

Grace: I was prepared to wear pink on Wednesdays but thankfully, I don't have to. There aren't any rules to follow...or break, I should say. Everyone here shares the same passion and I love surrounding myself with that vibe.

Voss: What does it take to be a Voss man or a Voss lady?

Grace: Voss dog, Voss baby...we have zero tolerance for biker discrimination. The first rule is, simply, be yourself. If that wasn't a rule before, then it is now. 

Voss: What's your favourite Voss helmet?

Grace: It would have to be the Voss 501 Bobber! It's ultra lightweight, low profile and I love the retro look! It has to be lightest open face helmet on the market! I also have 501 Bubble face shield to keep the wind out my lovely face. 

Voss: When did your interest in motorcycles start?

 Grace: Since I was a little, I still remember dreaming about it. Back then I just wanted a motorcycle because I thought it was, cool. I mean, of course it was cool. But I had people who tell me that I can't, because I'm a girl or because I'm too short. I heard what they said, yes, but I didn't listen. They made me want to do it more and my dream kept getting louder.

Voss: What do you like the most about riding?

Grace: Aside from the new places, faces, and stories - I think it's the freedom. The feeling of being free, independent, and in-control.

Voss: What are your passions other than riding?
Grace: Currently, I work at a print marketing company and I love what I do. I've been in the industry for five years! Also, I'm an artist - I sometimes wish I could spend all day in deep conversations on the meaning of life and art.

Voss: What would YOU want to see in our Voss Rides?

Grace: OH. Free helmet giveaways? Badass Voss men on bikes? Babes on babes on bikes? Cute puppies. World Peace.

Let us know what you'd like to see in our Voss Rides and make sure to follow us on FB and IG to get the latest updates!