Now we will obviously be the first to tell you that this helmet sells great for us, and we really have no idea why. Seemingly an oddball out, we introduced the 600 Dually to our predominantly Cruiser line up of helmets because the helmet is just cool. We've taken this helmet with us to many a motorcycle shows across the US and Canada, and people just seem to gravitate towards it. First it's always "sick helmet," or "that has an eye shade in it?!" then we move onto comments about the price (well priced under some of the top brands for Dual Sport being sold in the market currently).  

I'm not going to go over the specs of the helmet, you can read that on the 600 Dually Product page (right before you make your purchase). But I am going to take a moment to address a few issues we've had and what we've done to rectify the situation. FIRST: the case of the drop down. Now if you've been following along with us for years, you'd know that we had a hell of a time with the drop down sun lens when it was first released. The Dually was first introduced with a spring loaded drop down that had a push button release system. GOOD IN THEORY, but not so much in practice as people had a tendency to retract the sun lens by pushing up on the lens itself and NOT use the push button, thereby breaking the lock mechanism. So needless to say, we've swapped it out with our toggle mechanism - so please feel free to go in manual all you want. 

SECOND: We'd also like to take a moment to apologize for the sizing. For some reason our riders are having a hard time with the XXL size. (To be honest, I find most riders have a problem with the XXL size, especially if they are finding themselves on the larger side of XXL and onto 3XL). If you are into our Larger Shell Size - for Large, XL, and XXL - please size up! And if you are at XXL, I hate to be the one to tell you but there are no more sizes up. There is a chance this helmet is not for you.

Now before I leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, I will point out some of the more notable positives of our helmet:

1) Relatively Quiet! the face shield on the 600 Dually snaps shut so tightly on the rubber gasket, there is no air sneaking in there.

2) Quality. You can feel the quality in your hands when you are holding the helmet. All pieces mounted to the helmet shell are tight (so take that Shoei and Arai!). 

3) Quick release - big winner for all of our Voss Customers

4) Removable/ Washable Tech Liner (moisture wicking, breathable... yadda yadda)

5) And Last but not least - Drop Down Eye Shade! Because who wants to pull over to put on sunglasses?


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