Excited To Share The Women's Paisley 888 Half Helmet

Women riders are our favourite right now. Being so immersed in an industry wrought with matte black... matte black.... matte black... We are finally able to add a little flavor to our line up by serving the massive emerging market of women riders. 

Now some may think that making a graphic for a women would be as simple as adding a heart or a butterfly to a helmet. But No-Thank-You, we want our girls looking spicy and having confidence while they rock it on their 800 lbs of custom chrome. 

This years 888 Paisley Graphic takes the cake for women's helmets this year. Our subtle Stenciling is an easy pairing with all your women's riding gear. You can go with the Shine and pick our Glossy Pink Paisley, or stick with the Matte trend and add the Metallic Purple to your look.

Our 888 obviously supplies a certain amount of luxe for our She-Riders. The 888 has a lightweight fiberglass shell (under 2 lbs), ulta comfort micro suede liner, and micro metal quick release system. Don't settle for anything less, keep yourself looking like the babe that you are and sport a shell that keeps you ahead of the trends.

Keep an eye our for 2017... we've got way more to offer to our Voss Ladies coming up...


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