99 Riders, 1 Question - “Why do you ride?”

99 Riders, 1 Question

“Why do you ride?

The responses will vary, depending on whether you’re a new or experienced rider, fair weather or all weather rider, racer or recreational rider. In the motorcycle community, we know that everyone has their own terrains to discover, their own stories to write, and their own challenges to overcome. However, there is that one thing we all have in common - we love to ride! With the power of Instagram, we’ve asked 99 Riders across the globe 1 simple question - Why do you ride? The massive response we received was unbelievable!


What I love about motorcycles is being able to be free. Being inside a car is a totally different experience than being out, totally exposed to the outdoors. Having the motorcycle take you from one point to the next is a really amazing feeling. On those big trips, getting to that destination and looking at your bike thinking, "dang I just rode that, here" is indescribable. I ride because I like the adrenaline and feeling like a badass. I like showing people that women can do and ride anything.


Motorcycling represents for me, powerful bonds of friendship and love between true siblings, in my group we are few, but we are true, and we all follow a philosophy of the earth, steel and bones T.A.O(terra, aco e ossos,and spread our ideology for all, run free and take care Of each other. Running in Brazil is not easy
Why do I ride?
Being alive is my reason.


The thing I love most about riding is the feeling of freedom and happiness I get when I ride my motorcycle and being able to be part of this amazing community where I've met so many awesome people and made some life long friends.


I like the freedom of riding and just how fast paced it is! I have a Honda crf 230f and I like to do trail driving and track riding, I think it's mint and just overall really exciting.


I'm passionate about motorcycle. For me I love being on the bike and always feeling free, there is endless destination when I'm riding and I love to discover new things all the time, all the negativity goes away when I'm on the bike and I like that feeling, I've learned a lot since I've started riding and will never forget what I've learned.


To start I ride a Kawasaki versys mainly known as a dual sport bike. I have not been riding long but have now got the buzz. Riding has completely changed my perspective of how it is to be on the road. I appreciate my surroundings and my environment so much, more than I would being in a car. Then living near the Canadian Rockies just makes that connection even more great. I have found a passion for being a mechanic again too. I baby my bike and it's not a chore to do so. Overall riding has quickly taken over and become my main hobby. Already looking at a new bike and a new helmet to go with it.


It relieves me of stress and gives me a sense of peace.




  1. Supportive community (for most part)
  2. Great sense of achievement as you develop your ability to utilise your entire body and control the vehicle safely.
    3. Another way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors.


What I love most about motorcycles and riding is the adventure and the brotherhood between motorcyclists. i ride a motorcycle because it's a form of meditation for me, it helps clear my mind off of any stressful matters and be happy in general.


I love my bike 2013 wr 450 dual sport as you call it I love getting out on the dirt and the road and that feeling of freedom when you hit the open road or I'm rolling around the dirt with my kids I was brought up around bikes my whole family have been around bikes it's just in the blood and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I ride because it’s what i love to do. It's a way to be free with everything. It's just you can a bike, and you can go wherever you like, whenever you like. It's a good stress reliever too. But mainly, just the feeling of riding has changed my life.


The best part of riding my bike is that it feels like all of my problems disappear. In this moment I am happy, free and don't think about other things.
It's not that easy for me at the moment because I have depression and riding my bike is kind of a therapy for me.


I ride because When I ride I forget all the negative things in life when I have bad days I go home and ride and it take everything away when I'm riding. Thank you and I hope this explains why I like motorcycles and why I like to ride.

I ride as a form of meditation. When I'm on my bike I don't think about problems that don't matter or worry about work. My mind is free to ride the road ahead and enjoy the amazing views and weather. It's my happy place. 


Even though I've driven longer than I've ridden I feel safer and more comfortable on my motorcycle than in any car I've ever had. This crazy magic happens over time where your motorcycle becomes more than just this machine underneath you, it becomes an extension of you and the fluidity is visceral. When that happens what's left is you as this force moving across the earth, one with the elements and environment around you. It's a freedom like no other.


The reason I ride is for the thrill of the freedom of being on the open road. We get to feel, see and smell the elements of our environment. No other vehicle can recreate this experience.


Everything about riding is awesome. My favorite part about riding is the moment I sit on the bike and start it up, once that happens nothing else matters. My head is clear and the only thing that matters is the ride ahead. It doesn't matter what you ride, just ride and enjoy every experience that comes with it. Brave the weather, and kill the open roads. Explore all the back roads you've never taken. Get lost and find your own way back. There's nothing else like it as long as the kickstand is up and tank is full.


The reason I ride, I guess first and foremost would be for the thrill there is nothing quite like being completely open it seems as though anything is possible. When I ride my R6 the freedom I feel nothing else matters it's just me and the bike. I get to disconnect from life and just ride. When I'm riding my yz450f it's the challenge and adventure of tearing through the woods never knowing what's in store for me. It's also a way for me to connect to those closest to me being is total solitude. Just us and our bikes. These are the reasons I ride. 


I love the sense of freedom.


I love the feeling of riding my bike, especially the feeling of wheelies.

It’s simple, I ride because I love the feeling when I'm Jumping from a table and also the feeling when you win a race. It’s just unbelievable!

Once the kickstand is up, it doesn’t matter what you ride or why you ride - as long as you ride. Hearing your stories was truly inspiring and definitely worth sharing! Remember to share, follow, and connect with us on IG and FB for the latest juice. Things are getting pretty serious, we feel like we know so much about you. See you on the road!