You might be wondering, what is Voss? Who is Voss? What do we do?  Why do we matter? These are fair questions. For anyone interested in motorcycle helmets, a brand that cares about its people and fostering a community of riders, feel free to read on. 

            First, I’m sure you’re probably wondering who we are. To keep it simple, Voss is a Motorcycle company that makes a variety of helmets, from half-helmets, ¾ helmets, dual sport helmets, to full-face helmets.  We even have some accessories and apparel, tailored to your riding needs. We have been established in our business for over 20 years, and if you’ve ever seen an episode of “Sons of Anarchy”, then you’ve seen some of our half-helmets.




            In the beginning, our cruiser line of helmets really defined our name and place in the helmet market. Some of our signature features are the micro metal quick release, memory foam padding lined with plush microfiber material, and our drop down integrated sun lens. Overall, creating a premium line of cruiser helmets was our goal. Ever since we first hit the market, we have accepted and valued the feedback of our customers, and evolved our brand and product accordingly.           

            Voss has developed a Built-Lite Series that really sets us apart from other brands. We did this by working with the most premium materials available, making developments such as switching from common ABS plastic to hand-laid fiberglass and genuine carbon fiber. This created a lighter helmet overall and made it more robust without losing any comfort.  

            We soon realized there was a whole other niche market for riders who use dual sport bikes or motocross. I’m talking about off-roaders - people who aren’t afraid to get dirty and enjoy nature. So, we decided to make a helmet that would suit their needs. Our dual sport helmets have been praised as one of the best dual sport helmets on the market. Voss has been constantly making improvements, like updating the new dual sport helmet (D2) with a more aggressive lightweight design. Even our 801 motocross helmets have become the official helmet of some top riders.

            Street riding’s popularity is reaching an all-time high. So, the next thing on our agenda was to create an affordable feature rich helmet. Our first version of the full face (999) was incredibly successful, so we decided to revamp it and create a more advanced version (the 988) which subsequently became one of the top Moto-Vlogging helmets in the world. With this newfound success, we are working on some newer and better versions for the coming years that will shock the market.

            Here is a brief overview of what we have accomplished in the past few years: In 2010, Voss switched our niche market and developed DOT certified helmets. In 2012, our trademarked 888 cruiser half-helmets began dominating the DOT half-helmet market. By 2014, we had expanded our product line and created our first line of dual sport helmets and made further improvements to our 888 cruiser helmets, which became the 700 EZ rider helmets. In 2016, our webstore was developed to reach a global market audience for Voss helmets. In that same year we made improvements to the initial Dual sport helmet, creating a highly revised second generation of dual sport helmets. In 2017, we decided to partner with the top global Moto-Vloggers to showcase our commitment to supporting storytellers idolized by riders all over the world. We also launched our 988-synchro full face, which quickly became the top vlogger helmet in the world. Looking forward into 2018, we foresee a year of further advancement and expansion within our brand and product, so keep an eye out for us! 

            Here at Voss, we understand the importance of not just the product, but the relationship and interactions with customers. We are for the people. With that being said, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than our customers ask of us to ensure we are continuously improving, and determine our success by the quality and strength of the relationships we build along the way.

             I mentioned previously that Voss partnered with the top Moto-Vloggers in the world, but in case you are unsure of who and what that entails, I’ll explain further. We’ve decided to work with key individuals like 6Foot4Honda, VroomVroomDana, The Kleb, Suburban Delinquent and A Girl and Her Bike. These people have many thousands of social media followers; each leaving an impact and inspiring new riders every day. We aim to support those who have a similar mission of leaving a strong impact on varying riding communities (which is truly the foundation of riding today). That is, we believe riders within these communities really understand what it means to be connected to your product.

            I hope all of your questions have been sufficiently answered, and now it’s my turn to ask you one… will you join the Voss team?