Our BuitLite Series Kicks A$$ ...

Everyone wants to look good while they ride. The bikes can make any rider cooler by 10 fold, but unfortunately, everyone feels like they loose a few points once they put their helmet on. Most of our cutomers want the same thing - smaller, smaller, smaller. While smaller is what we strive for, safety is takes priority... otherwise why wear the helmet at all?

Fortunately, we now have a few years under our belt of building fiberglass helmets. So we know a thing or two about strong materials needed to protect your brain from trauma (not to get graphic). The big debate is whether an ABS shell can protect you the same as a Fiberglass shell? Our concensus is, yes it can, but it's going to be a whole lot heavier. If you happen to cross an ABS shell that claims to be "smaller" and "lighter," we would highly recommend questioning the validity of the brand, and wonder why some of the bigger names - ie Bell, Harley, HJC - have yet to come up with this miracle helmet. 

Now back onto the Voss Helmets - WE have taken all this into consideration and have decided that fraudulent helmets is not a game for us. In return for your trust in us keeping you safe, we developped a line that is lightweight, small, and generally very good looking. The BuiltLite series consists of our 700EZ Rider, 888 Bullet Cruiser with Drop Down Eye Shade, and super light Bobber 501. All the helmets in this line we like to keep at/ and under 2 lbs by using Fiberglass composite materials. For Extra Light - look for our Carbon Fiber.