Cover up for Fall - Modular 525 and Why it is a good move for colder weather

A few of our more notable features of our 525 Modular Helmet are the weight and the size. Full face helmets can be bulky and heavy for a rider, especially when moving from a half helmet. But in spite of this, we've found that more and more seasoned riders are approaching us looking to do some research on modular helmets. The number one reason being is Safety, then the number two is looking for more face protection while on long distance rides. We say these are both excellent reasons to consider the move to a full face - but even better, consider a Modular. Our 525 Modular falls into our lightweight category of helmets. The helmet weighs 1550 grams, which we have found to be about 200-300 lighter than most modulars currently on the market. So you won't feel a heavy weight on your neck after hours of riding. Other obvious bonuses for our 525 are the capability to lift up the jaw for convenience and a bit of breathing when stopped; the drop down integrated visor, for when you hit that patch of sun; and our quick release ratchet system ... because who loves D Rings anymore?


Don't forget "Winter is Coming," so don't let the cold weather put a dapper on your rides! Keep those ears warm and cover up with our 525 Modular. 


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