Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet
Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet

Voss 989 Moto-V Overlord Helmet

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 XS 20 7/8" - 21-1/2"   53 - 54.5
 21 1/2" - 22 1/4" 54.5 - 56.5 
M  22 1/4" - 23"  56.5 - 58.5
L 23" - 23 7/8"  58.5 - 60.5 
 XL  23 7/8" - 24 5/8" 60.5 - 62.5 
 2XL  24 5/8" - 25 1/4" 62.5 - 64 

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Shop the Voss 989 Moto-V Matte Overlord Series 🔥🔥

Candy calavera skulls, marigold flower designs and race cars inspired checkering work together to juxtapose the sweetness of life and the fragility of the ride. Drawn from Latin cultural cues to deliver a new experience this Voss 989 Moto-V beckons its rider to take the reigns and become the ‘Overlord’

This new shell design features a Max Vision airtight face shield for riders that like to go fast and keep it quiet. Feel the face shield lock tight in place before you ride, securing you a smooth ride. With a triangular-shaped ridge aerodynamically located on the top of the face shield, the helmet has to do less work to break up the wind and prevent it from working against you. The face shield also has multiple opening positions to increase or restrict the main eye-port airway. The 989 Moto-V also comes stock with a Pinlock 70 Anti-fog lens included with your order to keep your vision crystal clear on the road.

The shell is fabricated with a lightweight advanced polycarbonate material for a high strength DOT and ECE safety rating. The interior is lined with our removable, hand washable, DryTech liner offering comfort as well as security.

  • Matte Design
  • All-new shell design added to the Voss Street Line up has sharper edges for a cleaner ride
  • The helmet fits an Intermediate Oval head shape
  • Lightweight/High Strength PC Alloy shell
  • Wide Vision Spring-loaded face shield with Pinlock 70 Anti-fog Lens included!
  • VIVS VOSS Internal Visor System is our built-in drop-down eyeshade (UV380 Protection) that can be removed and replaced in seconds without the use of tools
  • Bluetooth ready pockets for communication speakers
  • Voss DryTech removable moisture-wicking comfort liner
  • Micrometric Ratchet Quick-release System for locked in security
  • Multi-airport Max Breathing airways for optimal circulation
  • DOT FMVSS 218 Certified for safety
  • ECE 22.05 Certified for safety
  • +/- 1650 grams
  • Helmets come stock with a Clear face shield, add an extra colored shield or another clear face shield from the selection

Pick an extra Clear, Smoke, Iridium, Chrome, Dark Smoke, or Amber Outer face shield to finish your look.


989 MOTO-V

This helmet is not only feature-rich and safe, but also offers ultimate comfort on long rides. With various options of faceshield colorways, you can customize your helmet to match your unique style and stand out on the road.



The Voss 989 Moto-V offers elite safety and convenience. With its advanced quick release feature, you can easily put on and remove the helmet, making it perfect for glove wearers. The game-changing feature outperforms traditional D-Rings and is a must-have for any safety-conscious rider.


The Voss 989 Moto-V elevates your riding experience with its innovative Voss Internal Visor System. This cutting-edge feature incorporates an internal drop-down lens that acts as a sun visor, enhancing vision on sunny days and ensuring a clear view of the road ahead. The system’s flexibility allows for easy use and storage, making it perfect for adapting to changing riding conditions.


The Voss 989 Moto-V is designed to cater to riders’ unique needs. It’s Pinlock Prepared, which provides the option of attaching an anti-fog Pinlock lens to the faceshield. This innovative feature is highly beneficial in cold or humid weather conditions as it prevents the faceshield from fogging up, enhancing visibility on the road.

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