Thank you for the Visit! Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2017

We had a great turnout this year at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2017 and would like to thank all the riders that stopped by to visit our set-up.

Every year we try to set the bar higher and higher for ourselves. This year we tripled our booth size and found that that still was not enough space for all the Voss Fans that stopped by to check out the new product. It's always exciting to see what new and improved product the industry has to offer, but it's even more exciting to see a brand grow and carve out a lifestyle for itself. 

This year we were happy to continuously hear "let's check out the new stuff Voss has" and "I like Voss they have great stuff," from our customers. Our Voss line-up has proved over and over again a go-to for riders looking for a new reliable helmet brand. Customers came to us praising our customer services, and of course quality of product. Popular items that our Voss Riders keep coming back for are the 888 Half Helmet, 700EZ Rider Half Helmet, 555 Modular, and 600 Dually. This year, new items that caught everyones eye were our 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet, 588 Full Carbon Modular, 988 Moto-1 Full Face Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens, and 801 X1 Pro MX Helmet. Subscribe to our newsletter, or connect with us via Social Media to keep updated on release dates.